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Have the Wine Room of Your Dreams!

"Can I put a wine cellar anywhere in my home?" YES you CAN have the Wine Cellar of Your Dreams!

Our Design Process

We are dedicated solely to custom wine cellar design. This includes all the planning, designing and engineering of our custom wine rooms. Our design philosophy is collaborative, working closely with other professionals, such as architects, independent designers and general contractors, to working directly with clients who prefer a more hands-on approach.

The Stages Process

Phase 1: Wine Cellar Design Analysis

Our Design Process begins by taking a full assessment of your needs and wants. Considerations like: bottle capacity, aesthetic style preferences, material preferences, the size of the space, and the ultimate purpose of the wine cellar are all taken into account before we begin our initial sketches. If you’re working with an architect, designer or general contractor, this is the time to share renovation plans and objectives so everyone can get on the same page.

Phase 2: Computer-Generated Sketches

We are versed in a number of industry-leading computer graphic software programs. With the information gathered in Phase 1, we will construct and present a series of computer-generated sketches to you and/or your team. From here, our designers can quickly modify, change and alter plans down to the minutest detail.

Phase 3: Realistic Renderings

Clients looking for a more definitive preview of what their wine cellar might look like in their home are given realistic three-dimensional renderings, complete with textural surfaces exhibiting the selected cellar construction materials. In some cases, our renders are difficult to distinguish from real life.