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Custom Wine Cellars

We do everything in house, from A to Z

We are Engineers in Climate Control Systems

We are the only wine cellar builder licensed in Houston for climate control and refrigeration systems. Our technitians are professionals in cooling systems. We do not contract labor. AABC Wine Cellars will install and build your wine cellar from the ground up.

A custom professional grade wine cellar is important for wines that are being kept for long-term aging. If you have fine wines you need to consider long-term storage. Wines can deteriorate if kept in inadequate wine storage cellars. Wine can improve with age but light, humidity and temperature will affect the wine quality, last but not least another element to take in consideration is security.

We are the only company in Houston that builds wine cellars from A to Z. We provide custom engineered climate control systems for your dream wine cellar. We use solid wood, we never use plywood.

We use commercial, american-made equipment. We do not charge consultation fees. Service is our business. We do business all over Texas. Building custom wine cellars of your dreams!

No Consulting Fee Ever. Make an appointment for a FREE estimate.

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Can we build a custom wine cellar in your home?

Yes, we can. Call: (713) 224-3333, we will answer any of your questions. We build Residential and Commertial Custom Wine Cellars.

We will meet with you the very next day.

Wine Cellars by Type

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Traditional Wine Cellars

Our Design Process

We are dedicated solely to custom wine cellar design. This includes all the planning, designing and engineering of our custom wine rooms. Our design philosophy is collaborative, working closely with other professionals, such as architects, independent designers and general contractors, to working directly with clients who prefer a more hands-on approach.

The Process

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